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There isn’t much to say. But this day was the first time that I saw my mom cry for joy as my name was called up on stage. Funny story, I was busy stretching my shoulders at the backstage, unable to notice that it was my turn to be called up. Till my friend, Gem, said “Who’s next?”. And when I checked it out, I thought I was left but then, good thing, it was my turn. 

As I reached my Parents’ chairs, my mom was all wiping her up her tears. After that, she hugged me tightly. 

After everything, during our exit, we all sang “Hall of Fame” by The Script. As we reached the front of the Gymnasium, we all shouted, howled and jumped for joy as were already the 55th batch of High School Alumni of La Salle Academy. I then saw some of my batchmates cry for joy as well. I didn’t cry though because I thought that my make up was too precious to destroy. (lol. just kidding). I also hugged a lot of people, even Mr. I, himself. 

I’m just glad that I met these people before going to college. I’m glad that we all finally made it. 

Posted: March 23, 2014
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